Magento 2: How to add YouTube Videos on Product Pages

YouTube plays a vital role in gaining interest of online users to visit a website. Because of this, websites made it possible to add YouTube videos on their product pages, whether to present the functionality of their products or to feature an installation or servicing demonstrations. For Magento 2, here are the steps to take to add YouTube videos effectively.

Step 1:Generate YouTube API Key
To do this, login to your Google account and go to Google Developers Console. On the screen that will appear, click the menu button on the left corner of the page and click on the API Manager. In the API library page, click on Youtube Data API where you will click on the Create Project to enable the API. Then, you enable the API by clicking on the Enable button. The screen which will show the Credentials tab will show. Go to Credentials Tab of Google Console then click on the Create Credentials. Select the API key option where you have now to generate an API key that looks like a set of alphabets.

Step 2:Integrating Youtube API key to Magento 2
For the phase of integrating Youtube API key to Magento 2, go to the Admin Panel of your Magento Store. Browse through the Store tab from the left corner of the page and choose Configuration from the options. Click on Catalog and go to Product Video section. Here, insert the Youtube API key which we generated in Google Developers Console. Click on Save Config.

Step 3:Integrate Youtube Video URL to Product

To integrate Youtube Video URL to Product, go to the Admin Panel of the Magento Store. Browse to the Products tab and click the Catalog option. Next is you click on the Edit option of product. You will now need to go to the Images and Videos section of Product and click on Add Video. At this point, you enter the Product video URL from Youtube then save your work by clicking on Save. To see the result, go back to the Product page.

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