Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise) Gift Card functionality doesn’t support the ability to create Gift Card codes in bulk, therefore to generate multiple gift card codes with different denominations, you have to generate each gift card individually. That’s a time consuming and tedious process. So how do you get around it? Simple.

You use the Bulk Gift Card Codes extension, which facilitates the creation of multiple gift card codes in a single request. The Bulk Gift Card Codes extension extends the Magento default gift card generating functionality (by adding additional options to this feature) that enable Magento Enterprise users to create Gift Codes in Bulk, in a single request. It also allows the user to generate different types of codes with different prefixes and lengths. This is a pretty useful extension for any Magento store that generates gift cards based on criteria such as the that given in the example below, and in certain quantities – for specific dollar amounts.

Code: Numeric
Prefix: PC
Digits: 8
Amount: $50 Quantity: 250
Amount: $100 Quantity: 500
Amount: $150 Quantity: 500
And so on….

Magento Bulk Gift Card Codes Extension – Key Features

• Extends Magento’s default Gift Card generation functionality.
• Creates Gift Card codes in Bulk in a single request.
• Creates Custom Gift Card codes in Bulk on the fly.
• Creates a single Gift Card code with different code length and prefix.
• Works with Magento EE only.

How to use?

• Install the extension and clear the cache. You will see the same options listed in the following image

• Gift Card codes can be generated under Customers -> Gift Card Accounts.
• Set “Bulk Gift Card” option to “Yes” to generate Gift Card codes in Bulk.


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